leaking memories (#6)

Leaking Memories # 6
global communication / radom / poland / 2011 / 25 min

I am creating a collage out of various actions.
I spell the polish word 'iluzja' (illusion), after each letter I slap strongly with my hand on my cheek; with blue chalk I draw a tie on my white shirt; I grab 'something' in the air and put this into my pocket; after a few times I take out of my pocket cotton wool and let it drop on the floor; with black coal I draw a chair and a table on the wall; I stick flowers on the 'table'; I take the cotton wool and sit down on the 'chair' and with the rest of the coal turning the white cotton wool into grey; with blue chalk I draw a door and a handle on the wall and i try to open it several times; I place a white candle on the 'table' and draw 10 small and 2 bigger frames on the wall; I show my german passport to the audience and stick into the small frame no. 9, I take my mobile and calling to my mother, she pick up the phone and tells a story from her childhood which is hearable in the space; while my mother is talking I stick the phone into one of the bigger frames, with a lighter I start to burn several holes into my shirt, put a one liter milk pack into my pocket of my trouser, the milk is running on the floor; I connect the milk puddle and the mobile phone in the frame with a red ribbon; I take 12 table tennis balls into my hands and let them fall on the floor; I lit up the candle and hold the flame very close to my beard, which partly inflames; I distinguish the flame in the milk puddle, close the red ribbon; I pour petrol in a circle around me and take a couple of apples connected with strings, set the circle aflame and start shaking my body while lifting up the strings with the apples; I increase this action until the apples are falling off the strings; I pick up the grey cotton wool and pour golden glitter on the other hand; I spell the polish word "prawda" and after each letter I stroke my cheek with the cotton wool and blow into my hand with the golden glitter, so that is falling on the floor and leave the space.

Photos: Monika Sobczak