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6 weeks, 7 days / 2008
MOTION 4, Performance Art Festival, Galerie Nord / Berlin, germany / 2008 / 12 minutes / (dedicated to Seweryn)

I am facing the audience holding a red apple in my hands; I go around passing the apple to women and friendly ask them to fling it back to me; by repeating this action a kind of game starts to develop; it is interrupted by a woman taking a bite and throwing the apple back to me; with full force I throw the apple against the wall; it smashes; with my right hand I pound the rhythm of my heart on the left side of my chest; i hold up a pair of baby socks; I slow down the beating until i finally stop; I try to put on the socks; i open the left side of my shirt; on my chest there is a red mark; i write the word "illusion" with one finger into the air; i slap myself after each letter; i try to attach two posters to the wall; they keep falling off; one poster has the word "TODAY", the other one the word "MORNING" on it; i increase the speed of my effort to attach them to the wall; I place a small red candle in the shape of a heart to the red spot on my chest; i light it up; I pull my pants down and squeeze my Penis between my legs in a way that it cannot be seen; i am scratching my abdomen until it starts bleeding; I take noodle-letters into my mouth and i spit them at the audience for a couple of times

Photo: BBB-Archiv, Patrick Gaden