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anstoss / kick off / 2006
2nd Performance Art Festival, Schloss Salzau / Kiel, germany / 2006 / 10 minutes

there are three parts of a soccer ball in the middle of the room; i am dressed in a suit and a tie; with tape i attach the leather pieces to my head; i stand up; with both fists I strongly beat twice onto my chest, demonstrating a gesture of a convinced winner; with my hands I hold up my soccer-head; after a while I let go and the head-ball falls on the ground and jumps around a few times; i roll on the floor until I have reached the audience; randomly I take a foot of a vistor and lead it to my head; like this i insinuate a kick to the ball-head; i roll over the floor to another visitor and repeat the action a couple of times; I stand up and take a shower by holding up a bucket with water; i lay down into the puddle; i jerk like a stranded fish until i stop and remain on the floor without moving
Photos: Yingmei Duan and Patrick Gaden