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augenzeuge / eye witness / 2001
Performance Tage, Sülzer Salon / cologne, germany / 2001 / 12 minutes

With chimes in my hand I enter the gallery space; while entering I play the scale up and down starting from C; I stop walking and end the scale with a D; i put the chimes on the ground; out of a plastic bag I take a fish and place it right onto them; With a big knife I cut off the edge of a loaf of bread and put it on two doll legs; I hollow out another two loaves and wear them as shoes; I make a toy-airplane fly through the gallery and land it on a piece of bacon; I strew american confetti over the set; with string I attach a book on my head; i break 31 pencils over my knee; I take off the book off and hectically i throw 20 tablets of Aspirin into one glass of water; With foil I bind two packages of butter around my knees; i burn a german flag; i rub the ashes from it onto my forehead; i bite lengthwise into a banana; i fall on my knees; with my hands i strongly rub my eyes until they are all red; I take the fish off the chimes and place it into a water-wing; I strike the C on the chimes and leave
photos: Pietro Pellini