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d–249736810 / 2007
Performance Art Platform / Tel Aviv, israel / 2007 / 25 minutes

Situation on site: the words „past“ and „future“ in hebrew are attached to the wall in brown cardboard letters; in front of the wall there is a small, wooden chair; a couple of white strings are placed on the floor; a big cardboard box and a small bowl out of glass that is filled with water, is standing close to this arrangement

I am standing in front of the audience; i take out my passport; with my right hand I begin to pound the rhythm of my heartbeat onto my chest; with my left i clearly show the passport to the audience; I open it and hold it up as if i were at a passport check; I increase the speed of the pounding; i throw the passport to the floor; i still keep increasing the speed of „the pulse” until it is turning into a wild beating; i suddenly stop; i open my shirt revealing a red mark on my skin; I cover the spot with plaster stripes; I am coming closer to the audience; i randomly pick male visitors that i start „shooting“ by making gestures and noises; After each „shot“ I scratch myself strongly along my arm; with chalk i write the word „HONOR “on the floor and start to lick it off again; while running and smashing into the wall without stopping for a couple of times the word “HONOR” reapears blurred on the floor; I take off my pants and my shirt; dressed in white underwear with blue stars of david on each side I crawl into a cardboard box; i turn around, stand up and walk around until i hit the wall; for a little while I try to keep going, ignoring the wall until the box suddenly drops on the floor; I sit down on a small wooden chair and i start to tie cardboard letters to my feet which i took off the wall; I stand up and i significantly walk towards the audience; my feet are going into different directions, the “past” to the left and the “future” to the right; i straddle while trying to keep my balance; i return to the chair going backwards and once again towards the audience; while going back and forth i keep this straddle position; I pour water into a glas bowl and against the wall; slowly I put a gun that is made out of cardboard to my open mouth and after a while i start to eat it; with a tissue I pat the red marks on my arm; i form a flower out of it; I tear off the plasters from my chest and along with the flower i place it to the wall right in the center where the two cardboard words were standing at the beginning; i leave the space

Photos: videostills, PAP