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dance like nobody is watching you [salt dancer] / 2001
Typus, Performance Art Festival / Berlin, germany / 2001 / 22 minutes

with black shorts and a white sport shirt I enter the room barefoot; I bring two filled salt shakers along; there is a cassette recorder on the wall; I press play; A recording of the bells of the St. Katharin's Church in Gdansk from 1938 is playing a Version of the national anthem of germany; different recordings of the anthem from 1941, 1950, 1974, 1989 follow up; expressively and very serious I dance to the music; after dancing to all these versions the two salt shakers i have been moving along are totally empty; i place them on the floor; The bells of St. Kathrin's Church are played again; I am very concentrated, sweating and out of breath

Photos: Roland P. Runge