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geduld / patience / 2006
Citygallery / München, germany / 2006 / 15 minutes

i am standing in front of the audience and i look into the eyes of each visitor;
i try to attach cardboard letters to the wall; They keep falling to the floor since i am not using any glue or tape to fix them; i keep trying and after a while it is recognizable that i want to write "GEDULD" (patience); i try my best to fix the letters using my hands and my feet but there is no chance that they would stay up; After a while and without having asked one person comes up to help, holding the brown cardboard letters to the wall; with his help the word "GEDULD" is clearly readable;
i shred the cardboard letters; i put the pieces into a bowl of water; i take the soaked pieces out again and i knead a “loaf of bread” out of it; i have a piece and while eating it i go to everyone in the room and offer a piece of the patience-bread
photo: Florian Freund