gesicht verlieren / 2000 / 2007  ←  

gesicht verlieren / 2000 / 2007
Creatures Performance Art Festival / Hertogensbosch, netherlands / 2007
Physical Vehicle Performance Art Festival curated by Rayelle Niemann, ICA / London, uk / 2000
Galerie Commercio / Zürich, switzerland / 2000

Two people sit at a table; their heads are covered with leavened dough; forks are attached on every single finger of the two; both dig their fork claws into the dough-head of each other

1st version: for one hour both remain still and without moving, just like a sculpture; The dough slowly changes the appearance of their faces

2nd version: After a while they start to pick dough from the others head and eat it; over the time the two faces re-appear

Photo: Robert Ayers, Michael Bühler and Silja Saarepuu