innocence / niewinność / 2007  ←  

innocence / niewinność / 2007
Int. Performance Art and contemporary dance festival / Wroclaw, Poland / 2007 / 12 minutes

I am wearing a white shirt; my head is wrapped in bandages; a piece of cardboard with the Word "Niewinnosc" is with string attached to my penis; two stones are placed on the cardboard sign; i walk through the space dragging the cardboard after me; I stop walking and i kneel down on the two stones; with my hands I am holding my head at my ears; I start to push my fingers inside of the bandage; red liquid appears and flows down on my white shirt and on the word "Niewinnosc"; a moment later I crawl on all fours towards the audience with the sign in my hand; i tear off pieces from the red cardboard; i place them beneath the shoes from people of the audience; i put the last piece of the cardboard at the stones and i leave the room; only the letters "NIE" (NO) are still readable
videostills: Angelika Fojtuch