kannatlikkus / patience / 2004  ←  

kannatlikkus / patience / 2004
Vaal Galerii / Tallinn, estonia / 2004 / 19 minutes

the Gallery space is almost empty; some longish cardboard is leaning on a wall; there is a chair that is placed about three meters from the wall; I take the cardboard, flip it over and put it on the wall; I take a seat on the chair and look at the writing that is now readable: "Kannatlikkus" (patience); the cardboard only stays up on the wall for a few seconds, then it falls off; the glue that was attaching it cannot hold it up; I get up from my chair and hang the cardboard sign back up; i sit down again and look at the writing; once again the piece falls off; I repeat putting it up and sitting down to look at it falling down again until I am completely freaking out

Photos: Silja Saarepuu