kopfzerbrechen / 2005  ←  

kopfzerbrechen / 2005
oder: der Specht verdankt seinen Erfolg der Tatsache, dass er seinen Kopf benutzt.
(worries or: the woodpecker owes his success the fact, that he uses his head.)

13th Performance Conference / Berlin, germany / 2005 / 10 minutes

BBB Johannes Deimling held one after another the letters of the word “COOPERATION” as high as possible until he cannot hold them anymore and finally they fall like leaves on the floor. With a string he bound the cardboard-letters around his head. 69 times he beats hardly his head against the wall. … This action is a statement, so it is not an acted image like we know it usually from the artist and it is a critically view on the theme of the 13th Performance Art Conference in Berlin: Cooperation. …

text: from “the ghost of cooperation” by Dr. Eduard Fried 2005
Photos: BBB Johannes Deimling