medien mythen märchen [#4] / 2001  ←  

medien mythen märchen [#4] / media myths fairy tales [#4] / 2001
private impact Performance Art Festival, 4th Baltic Biennale / Szczecin, poland / 2001 / 14 minutes

From several polish newspapers I rip out the date of the title pages and put them into a small bowl; I set the shreds aflame and with the ashes i draw the sign "ALPHA" on the wall; i put The newspapers on the floor creating a sort of path from one wall to the opposite one; With abrasive cleaner and a sponge I strongly scrub the title pages; I smear glue on my head and put noodle letters on it; I go to the wall where the "ALPHA" sign is at and i start breaking pencils over my knees for each step i take while walking over the newspapers; for three times I run from one wall to the other and back again; I take the bowl and with the ashes i draw the "OMEGA" sign on the other wall; i leave the space

photos: private impact