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read twice / 2008
CCA - Center for contemporary arts / Tel Aviv, israel / 2008 / 12 minutes

I am holding two big palm leaves; two red books are attached to my feet; I let go of one of the palm leaves and step on it; I repeat the action with the other one also; I take a couple of steps; I look into each visitors face; I take off the books from my feet; i open the books in front of my face; i take a deep breath and exhale into four different directions; with yellow chalk i draw an ALPHA and an OMEGA sign on each book cover; I hold them up; I bang one book on the other and rub them as hard as i can against each other; After repeating this procedure several times I put them on the floor and try to stand on them; i put the books away; with my hand I write the word "ILLUSION" into the air and after each letter i slap myself heavily into my face; I lift up my shirt and with my fingernails i scratch the word "READ" onto my belly; i show the red marks to the audience; with string I frap the books to my head; with chalk i write the word "READ" on the wall; i leave

Photos: Roy Mordechay