unter diesem gesichtspunkt / 2003  ←  

unter diesem gesichtspunkt / from this point of view / 2003
with Steffi Wurster / rencontres international PARIS-BERLIN / Paris, france / 2003 / 15 minutes

„… I asked her to look at me and after one moment - break - after one moment she did it, but her eyes were only slots, because of the sharp sun. I bent myself over her, so that they would be in the shade, and they opened. Break. Quietly: Let me in. … “
(taken from: Das letzte Band by Samuel Beckett)

Situation in the gallery
On a white pedestal there is a small wooden guitar and a saw wrapped in newspapers; a fluorescent balloon filled with helium is attached to an eight meter long fishing rod; there are four large loaves of bread on the ground in a row; Two multicolored hats made from bast are standing beside the pedestal

(1) Steffi Wurster (S.W.) dressed with a lemon-yellow dress and BBB Johannes Deimling (BBB) dressed with light blue pants and T-shirt enter the space; They get on their knees and hollow out the bread; both take off their shoes and put on the loaves instead; S.W takes the fishing rod and holds it out of the door, so that the balloon starts to rise outside of the gallery; Very slowly she lets the cord out of the coil, so that the balloon keeps on rising; BBB takes the saw, gets on the pedestal and starts to cut the guitar into pieces

(2) S.W. and BBB take their bread shoes off and blind themselves by holding the colored bast-hats to each others faces; Both run hectically in different directions, glancing through the bast-hats and continuously calling "Hello? Hello?"; The hectic moving and asking stops once they meet one another by accident; both take a look at themselves through the hats; The action stops

(3) S.W. and BBB take their bread shoes on again and face each other with a distance of approximately two meters; They put on mirrored sunglasses; Two yellow strings connect both glasses; the performers remain In this position for about five minutes without moving

Photos: L. Texler-Neyrat