gut feeling [wimh#12] / 2010  ←  

gut feeling [what's in my head #12] / 2010
Perf, performance art event / Telakka, Tampere, finland / 2010 / 12 minutes

I create a collage with the following actions:
i scream the text of Beethovens "Liebeslied" into a pillow; i Unbutton my white shirt and on the left side of my chest i am scratching a heart with my fingernails; with metal letters that i am pressing heavily onto the skin of my belly i write the word "Illusion" on my stomache; i am creaming my chest until it is completely white; i place a red rose between my knees, fill it with gasoline and light it; i tear off the thorns from the rose and place them between my lips; i tear out its petals and spread them over my chest; with cream i softly rub them over my body; i take tons of sugar candy into my mouth but unable to keep it or to swallow i finally spit the candy out and all over my body, mixing it with the cream on my torso; i draw a big heart into the cream; i drink and spill black liquid; i attach the pillow to my face, cut a small hole into it and shake it so fiercely that all feathers are coming out and stick on my body. I finally leave the place.
photos: Teemu Kangas