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being friends [what's in my head #13]
Direct Action 2010, Institut für Alles mögliche / Berlin, germany / 2010 / 10 minutes

a collage with the following actions:
Prolog: i offer sweets to the audience, asking them if they want to be friends.
Action: with metal letters i press the word "you" on my hands; with chalk i draw a bed in a very simple and almost childish way on the floor; i open my white shirt and with metal letters i press the word "forever" on the skin of my belly; i lay down into the bed and close my eyes; i start turning around several times until I am nervously flipping from one side to the other very quickly and thereby hitting the floor very roughly; i cover my left hand with cream and pour gasoline into it; i light up my hand; with my right hand i pour blue bathing soap over my head; while the hand is burning and the soap is running over my body the soundtrack of the film Winnetou starts to play and I start to “dance” to its rhythm by moving my hips from left to right in a very minimalistic way
Epilog: i am throwing noodle letters at the audience.

Photos: Andrés Galeano