auto aggression [wimh #2] / 2009  ←  

auto aggression [what's in my head #2] / 2009
galerie kub / Leipzig, germany / 2009 / 22 minutes

I combine different small actions into a collage: i turn on AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" loud; i step on some cotton wool; i cut my jacket into two pieces; i attach cardboard pieces to the wall in the shape of a car; i nail both sides of my jacket as wheels beneath the cardboard car; in lines i put black soil on the floor, pouring gasoline over it and set it aflame; i run towards the wall and several times without stopping i am smashing into it; i scratch the left side of my chest very roughly forming the shape of a heart; i cover it with plasters; i cover my head with white cream; i dip my face into the soil; i am imitating a starting car very loudly; i take flour into my hand and throw it into the air; i hand out flour to the audience patting the hand of each visitor

photos: Karsten Wendt