illusion [wimh #3] / 2009  ←  

illusion [what's in my head #3] / 2009
perfo09, international performance art festival / pori, finland / 2009 / 18 minutes

i combine different small actions into a collage: with one finger i write the word "illusion" into the air; i slap myself after each letter; using soil i write the letters on the wall; i smash an onion to my head while stepping on the spot; i build up a table and a chair from cardboard; i attach flowers to the table; i try to place a candle on it; i put seven plates on the floor and i pile up black soil on each one of them; i pour gasoline on each pile and set them aflame; i run towards the wall and several times without stopping i am smashing into it; i scratch the left side of my chest very roughly while grinning with black teeth because of the soil i took into my mouth; i cover my head with white cream; i dip my face into the soil; i start to tear off the blossoms from the flowers; i collect the petals in my hands and while leaving the space i blow them at the audience
photos: jukka kostet and jan virtanens