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lilly [what's in my head #8] / 2010
Las Bas Biennual, Kiasma - museum for contemporary arts / Helsinki, finland / 2010 / 30 minutes

I use the structure of a collage combined with several aspects from film to create a single image made out of a variety of actions. The audience is sitting on chairs in a semi circle around the stage.
Dressed in a white shirt and bright pants I am standing in front of the audience and i rub my eyes strongly with my hands while speaking: 'In the beginning there was the word and the word was ...'. i reveal my hands and i am saying 'maybe'. I repeat this action and the sentence - simply the word at the end of the phrase changes from 'maybe' to 'perhaps' then to 'yes' and afterwards to 'sure'. I am drinking a mixture of white chalk and water; i lay down and start pouring the same mixture on the floor while spinning around in circles. With my fists I heavily beat on my chest twice and i scream: 'SURE!'. I repeat this action several times. while placing three differently colored flowers on the floor i am moving around the circle whistling some bird-like sounds. With chalk I am drawing the sun, clouds and grass in a simple and naive way. i place a piece of cardboard that is shaped like a girl's dress, close to the flowers. after adding legs, arms and face with two pony-tails, i lay close to the arrangement and hold 'her' hand for a little while. i get up and i try to help her up as well. I am drawing a simple bed on the floor in which i lay down and close my eyes. after a while i start turning around several times until I am nervously flipping from one side to the other very quickly and thereby hitting the floor very roughly. I stand up, lower my pants and i squeeze my penis backwards between my legs. meanwhile i open my shirt and scratch a long red mark with my fingernails onto my belly. I dress and i start licking the head, the arms and legs of the little girl that i drew on the floor. i remove her cardboard dress while eating some pieces of charcoal. I cover my entire head with a thick white layer of creme. With my hands full of creme I softly beat the cardboard dress. I open my mouth and the black liquid coal is running out of it and onto the cardboard dress. The white creme is turning to grey and into black. I clean my hands with a small towel and rearrange the dress in the center of the scene. i rip off the petals from the three flowers and collect them in my hand. at last i am standing in front of the audience stating: 'in the end there was the word and the word was: ...' I throw the petals into the air and then i leave.

article: Linnea Stara | Hufvudstadsbladet | → pdf 2,9 mb, swedish
photos: Antti Ahonen