book, DVD, catalogue, contribution

Gedanken unser - 2014
poems and drawings by BBB Johannes Deimling

Fabulaire - 2013

an Interview about Performance Art and Photography with BBB Johannes Deimling and Monika Sobczak in the 2nd edition of FABULARIE (in Polish) made by Danuta Milewska. Check out: page 68-71 BBB Johannes Deimling and page 72-74 Monika Sobczak

metamuzeum - 2013

[ISBN: 978-83-62321-14-8]
"METAMUZEUM - transfer of experience", plublished by Artur Tajber, Academy of fine Arts, Krakow and the National Science Center, Poland

Kunst + Unterricht - 2013

[ISSN: 0931-7112]
"Orte performativ erschließen", journal, KUNST+UNTERRICHT Nr. 374/375, including site- specific Performances by BBB Johannes Deimling and an Interview between Prof. Marie-Luise Lange und BBB Johannes Deimling, Friedrich Verlag, Seelze, Germany

Performers - 2013

[ISBN: 978-952-5648-40-09]
Since 2009, Johnny Amore has been taking portraits of artists who are active in the international performance and live art scene. The publication “Performers” contains 58 portraits from the series.

Never or Now - 2012
catalogue of the festival "Never or Now" in Bergen, Norway 2011

[ISBN: 978-3-86895-186-8]
The book documnetsall the activities of the 'Never or Now' international Performance Art Festival in Bergen, Norway 2011. 30 renowned artists, as well as 8 writers and scholars have contributed to festival, the symposium and the publication.

White Shirt Moment - 2012
catalogue of a selection of Performances realized during the PAS | Performance Art Studies

catalogue, 72 pages, colour
including Performance documentations by Ida Grimsgaard, Christine Haase, Felix Fernandez, Katharina Kastl, David Frankovich, Emily Promise Allison, Kirsten Heshusius, Vena Naskrecka and many others more.

liveartwork 12 - 2011

dvd issue 12 of liveartwork dvd, published by christopher hewitt
"First is German artist BBB Johannes Deimling, with his second appearance on liveartwork DVD. Here he presents an intimate and visually poetic work “I can’t, I can’t”, shown at the Home Sweet Home Festival 2010 in Berlin."

greatest hits - Vol. 1 + 2 - 2011

“For more than 21 years BBB Johannes Deimling has been active in the international arena of performance art.
Now, with the publication of Greatest Hits - Vol. 1 & 2 some of his masterpieces are finally available so that a wider audience can see the enormous inspiration and vision that he has contributed to the contemporary performance art scene. The works in the compilation are also evidence of his importance for the emerging generation of performance artists. Deimling’s work can be seen as a connection between a historical understanding of the performance art from the 60s and 70s and the current movement of a new generation of artists.”
price for individuals: 35€ / for institutions: 70€

KUNST Arbeitsbuch 2 (art workbook 2) - 2010

[ISBN: 978-3-12-205082-5]
School book, published by Klett Verlag, 2010 / 224 pages,
Schoolbook for art teachers and pupils with 21 examples offering possibilities of teaching art in schools. BBB Johannes Deimling is mentioned as an example for Performance art with his performance “Geduld” (Patience) from 2006.

eating the universe - 2009

[ISBN: 978-3-8321-9240-2]
catalogue of the exhibtion at kunsthalle düsseldorf, published by dumont buchverlag - köln, 312 pages,
with texts by sylvette babin, magdalena holzhey, ulrike groos, and others ... including the artist arman, bbb johannes deimling, joseph beuys, john bock, paul mccarthy, césar, lili fischer, carsten höller, christian jankowski, peter kubelka, thomas rentmeister, dieter roth, mika rottenberg, daniel spoerri, günther uecker, ben vautier and more

liveartwork 9 - 2009

dvd issue 9 of liveartwork dvd, published by christopher hewitt
"with bbb johannes deimling's "no rose without a thorn" - "a beautifully considered and subtly physical solo peformance from german artist bbb johannes deimling, which was presented at the last 7a*11d festival in toronto, in october 2008."

comocomo - 2008

catalogue of the 2nd orange biennal with a text by sylvette babin "what do artists eat?"
bbb johannes deimling is mentioned with his performances based on food.

schmerz als bild - 2008

helge meyer, diseases and self-injuring in performance art. with examples from artists and performances that are dealing with painfull images or real self-injuring.
bbb johannes deimling is mentioned with his acted image "wille" and other performances.

art_clips .ch .at .de - 2006

dvd compilation
the first comprehensive compilation of a new art form: art_clips. the edition presents videoart from switzerland, austria and germany from 2000 until today. 90 short videos redacted by gerhard johann lischka and the zkm in karlsruhe, hatje cantz verlag.
bbb johannes deimling is with his video "success" represented.

performativität erfahren. aktionskunst lehren - aktionskunst lernen - 2006

[ISBN: 3-937895-42-6]
book, 248 pages incl. dvd
marie luise lange, artist and scientist, publishes the book at schibri verlag (berlin milow strasburg, . in this book different professors and artists are writing about thier experiences to teach performance art. you will find articles from marilyn arsem, janusz baldyga, bbb johannes deimling, ingrid lucia ernst, bartolome ferrando, christel grissmer, siglinde kallnbach, marie luise lange, wolfgang sautermeister, hanne seitz, ines seumel...

bawarka - 2005

brochure, 16 pages, b/w
includes texts by boris friedewald, dr. eduard fried, yamel perez tosco and others and documentations of acted images by bbb johannes deimling from 2003-2005, like taxi libre, kannatlikkus, das leben is schön and others.

bread or alive - 2004

dvd / film
acted image short film with silja saarepuu, villu plink and gabriele avanzinelli

geradeaus - 2003

catalogue, 128 pages, colour
includes texts by andreas hergeth, dr. eduard fried and others; documentations of performances by bbb johannes deimling from 1998-2003.
printed version is not available anymore

werkzeug - 1999

catalogue, 72 pages, b/w
includes texts, descriptions and photos about performances by bbb johannes deimling between 1995-1998.
printed version is not available anymore