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a rolling stone gathers no moss #11
14 Minutes

as part of the PAS performance art evening "so biss ich in die Zwiebel als wäre es vertraut", Stellwerk Weimar, Germany 2014
curated by Matthias Pick

- holding a chair on a twisted rope
- crawling on the back and pouring green stones out of my pockets
- placing 7 'X' made from cardboard on the floor
- writing 'illusion' with chalk on the floor
- pushing the chair-wall to the front
- increasingly drumming on a cymbal
- binding the 7 'X's' on the head
- not drumming on the cymbal
- sitting on a swing
- pouring water marbles out of a bucket
- licking the word 'illusion'
- pouring golden liquid into my mouth

Photos: Monika Sobczak