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a rolling stone gathers no moss #12
22 Minutes

as part of PAS | Performance Art Studies #36 | "between the lines 7"
Rehlovice, Czech Republic 2014

- holding a chair on a twisted rope
- rubbing my hand strongly on the eyes
- grasping ‘something invisible’ and putting it in the pocket
- taking out of that pocket white cotton
- letting black liquid running out of the mouth
- taking a deep breath and holding it as long as possible
- turning the chair on a rope around
- blowing with a straw into a glass filled with soap-liquid
- pouring yellow color on the floor
- lifting up several chairs and stepping into the yellow color
- placing the chairs around the yellow color-circle
- inflaming the note sheet on the note stand
-pouring hundreds of water marbles out of basket on the floor

Photos: Monika Sobczak

click here to see the video documentation