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a rolling stone gathers no moss #13
26 Minutes

M:ST performative art festival, Calgary, Canada 2014
curated by M:ST festival

- pushing wet moss through a pile of wooden chairs
- pouring a yellow sand line on the floor
- laying down beside the yellow line
- flipping (increasing) my body on the yellow line
- binding a book on my face
- drawing on the books pages
- throwing quickly tissues out of a box into the audience
- pulling a golden thread out of a fish’s mouth into my mouth
- creating bubbles in a glass
- painting my head silver
- standing on the pile of chairs with a wing
- creating sound
- binding the fish as a tie around my neck
- standing under a yellow umbrella and pouring blue liquid on it
- shooting feathers in the air
- placing the fish on the moss

Photos: Monika Sobczak

click here to see the video documentation