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a rolling stone gathers no moss #8
35 Minutes

concept by BBB Johannes Deimling, performed together with Lotte Kaiser

Savvy Contemporary, Berlin 2014
as part of the "Present Tense Series"
curated by Chiara Cartuccia

- laying under a pile of chairs
- turning a small pocket barrel organ on a violin
- standing up and holding the violin in front of the head
- exchange the violin
- creating a circle with the chairs
- running on the chairs-circle
- hanging a poster (picture of my great grandmother) on the wall
- sitting on a chair and pulling tissues out of a box, fixed to my eyes
- inflaming the violin from inside
- distinguishing the flames with milk
- folding a boat out of the poster
- going to Lotte place
- going together with the boat to the other side
- gluing the boat at the wall
- blindfolding the eyes
- spraying the face golden
- singing and throwing confetti

- drawing with chalk the game 'Himmel und Hölle' on the wall
- throwing a stone and jumping on the same spot
- taking the violin and putting it at the end of the space
- hitting the wet hair against the wall
- swinging on a swing
- peeling a red beetroot
- showing the red hands
- brining the violin to Johannes
- taking two white chairs
- making the feet wet and walking - leaving tracks
- rolling the peeled Beetroot on Johannes' shirt
- taking the boat and going with Johannes on the other side
- blindfolding the eyes
- spraying the face silver
- singing and throwing confetti

Photos: Monika Sobczak

click here to see the video documentation