friendly fire
seanahk 3 performance art festival / Haapsalu / Estonia / 2011 / 15 min

the performance took place in an hangar of a former Russian military base in haapsalu, Estonia.

I enter the space from the back of the hangar. I hang my white shirt on clothes hanger. I pick up a small, silver pig made out of porcelain and hold it like a trophy while entering into the space. I place the silver pig on the floor and throw several Molotov cocktails against the wall. Fire is lighting up the space. I go back to the clothes hanger and exchange my army top with the white shirt and go back into the space, where I lit up a candle and get very close to the burning candle. while the shirt is starting to burn I am taking it off and distinguish the flames. I take the silver again in my hands and I am leaving the space while showing it as a trophy.

photo: matthias pick and Hele Tume