Leaking Memories # 3
MOZG, Bydgoszcz / poland / 2011 / 26 min

It is dark. I say: “Pewnego razu…” (once upon a time) and slowly lift up a switched on lamp, the higher it gets the brighter the space is lit. In the focus of the spotlight there is a yellow chalk circle on the floor. I draw sun beams onto it, pour petrol into the circle and set it aflame. I take a seat on a bench and with my fingers i slowly open a loaf of bread. Inside of it there are glass marbles that i drop on the floor. with chalk I draw a door and a handle on the wall and i try to open it. I turn on a hotplate and put a small pot with milk on it. I take a teddy bear and put it into a bowl with water. I take his arms and play and pretend he is swimming. I draw fishes on the floor and with my hands i spill some water onto them while trying to catch the fishes. with a knife I open the stomach of the teddy bear. The milk overboils. I place the glass marbles into the stomach of the teddy bear and suture him. I take a key from the wall and try to open the door. I switch off all the lights and light up a candle. i hold the key to the flame of the candle. it gets hot and I drop it. the candle goes out. Darkness. And I say: “… I zyli dlugo I szczesliwe.” (And they all lived happily ever after).

Photos: Monika Sobczak