shamrock / 2010
collage with four images, extension series 2, grimmuseum / berlin, germany / 17 min.

[image #1] dressed in a white shirt and bright trowsers i am standing in front of a white wall to which several silver knifes are attached. with my hands i am three times rubbing my eyes very strongly. out of a white bowl i am pouring noodle letters on my eyes. with tape i attach the silver knives to my head.

[image #2] with my feet i get into a bucket that is filled with water. i can hardly stand in it and i start pouring red hot chili into the water. remaining in this position i try to attach crispbread and some toys to the wall in a way it reminds of a barn. but it is not at all working and everything keeps falling apart.

[image #3] i lay down and place some cold meat on my face. i wrap my whole head in plastic wrap and stand up again. i open my shirt, and with two forks i scratch a red sun around my bellybutton. i open the plastic wrap right where my mouth is at and slowly i remove the meat.

[image #4] i am standing in front of a white wall with a bouquet of red roses. i start to softly pat the wall with the blossoms. i repeat this movement several times while increasing the force until i am bashing the roses against the wall.

Photos: Andrés Galeano
illustration: Christoph Illigens