performance-based video works and art films

No rose without a thorn
Performance for Camera
1:13 minutes, Germany 2024


The dance of the receptors
Video work
11:35 minutes, Germany 2021

The video work is the first part of the cycle of performances “The dance of the receptors”, created¬† during the pandemic. The incredible bio-chemical work of receptors is used as a starting point and seen as a metaphor for artistic transformation.

A cow won’t eat foxes when the grass is dry
Art film
43:02 minutes, Brazil 2020-2021

The site-specific visual art film of the artist duo Monika Deimling & BBB Johannes Deimling was made during the first world lockdown in 2020, when the duo got stuck during their artistic research stay in Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil) for over 3 months. The 43 minutes long film is a poetic homage to nature, site and time. Photography, performance and sound are creating a collage-like artistic experience. The created atmosphere of the film triggers profoundly the feeling of how we live today and what is important.

Art film
24:48 minutes, Czechia 2015

“In a continuous framing the existing, framing the object in a territory between photography, performance and video, Monika Deimling and BBB Johannes Deimling compose and frame up still images letting then things, nature and our own existing happen in it. The stillness of the images is broken through a playful illusion, in a delicate way of seeing, perceiving and projecting images.”

Performance for camera
23:51 minutes, 2014


Video work
5:28 minutes, Berlin Germany 2011
Camera: Monika Deimling

Performance for video, with Ingolf Keiner, part of the exhibtion “Ich bin Keiner”, Berlin

Art film
9:27 minutes, Berlin, Germany 2004

With Silja Saarepuu, Villu Plink, Gabriele Avanzinelli

“… BREAD or ALIVE is the first art film by BBB Johannes Deimling. The Film describes in a surreal way our realation to the simple but important thing: Bread. The artist includes in this film images from his former performances, mixed them with new elements and sounds. The result is a film, that points with humor and strong images on the banal and ordinary nourishment and puts it into the center. … “