It ain’t over until it’s over #4

Magdeburg, Germany 2020
Art Fair Magdeburg
Invited by Dorothea Hertel and Volker Kiehn
Duration: 24 minutes
Photographs by Monika Deimling


During the pandemic the 4th edition of the art fair Magdeburg felt like a relieve. With great care the art fair Magdeburg made it possible for artists and art lovers to come together and share art and conversations.

The performance was presented at the opening of the art fair at the old city hall.

Description of actions:
A collage of performance images and sounds is created by executing the following actions with selected material.

– Moving the hand over the heads of the audience and “collecting” their thoughts; Placing them into the trouser pocket.
– Lifting up the shirt. [Dozens of Ping-Pong balls fall from the shirt on the floor and bounce around.]
– Babbling in the audience’s direction; While babbling, moving the fingers dipped in green paint from the mouth over the throat to the lungs. [Green traces are appearing on the mouth, throat, and chest.]
– Lightning a “cake fountain” that is placed in the mouth of a dead fish. [Moving the fish as it would swim while the cake fountain is active.]
– Binding the fish as a tie around the neck.
– Toasting to the audience with a little glass filled with water.
– Pouring the glass of water into the shirt pocket. [A red stain appears as the red pigment in the pocket is mixing with the water.]
– Coloring both eyes red.
– Binding colorful spikes on my head.
– Waggling two bunches of feathers in the hands. [Increasing action: From a gently flying movement to hectic up and down.]
– Placing a big egg into brown wooden wool; Opening the egg on top and taking out yellow feathers. [The feathers are flying gently on the floor.]
– Placing the fish into the egg and closing the egg.
– Repeating the gesture from the beginning, removing little golden stars from the pocket and letting them fall to the ground while leaving the action field.