Site-specific art film by Monika Deimling and BBB Johannes Deimling
24:48 minutes, Czechia 2015

Text by Francesco Kiais

In a continuous framing the existing, framing the object in a territory between photography, performance and video, Monika Deimling and BBB Johannes Deimling compose and frame up still images letting then things, nature and our own existing happen in it. The stillness of the images is broken through a playful illusion, in a delicate way of seeing, perceiving and projecting images.

Eternity had, by the ancient Greeks, the aspect of a child god playing with the destiny of the universe. Today, a new child god ideally collects and plays with all destinies. In the virtual world of the Network, in fact, we concentrate our entire knowledge, all our virtual identities and the images of all things, so that we actually participate at the look on the world through the Net, being constantly teared away from the attention to the real, away from the possibility of dwell in the “here” and “now.”

We cling to things, to be able to perceive and feel our own existence, and to remain a presence in the present. Framing the moments, suspending the time, the female figure lets happen this complicity between a biological being and inanimate matter, in an unusual dance, giving back the delicate and intense strength of a non-conscious, but constant falling in love for life, even in its absurd transience.

We swing together with the two humans, between objects and immateriality, darkness and light, so that the eyelids-anvils always return to separate themselves, for to distance ourselves from the total absence of experience able images, -which is the silence in the dream of the child god, and namely, eternity.

We are always contained by what we perceive: from the circle of the dish, from the perimeter of the room, from a wardrobe, from the perspective of the lines marked on the floor of an attic. Only a metamorphosis can save me from having to feed my lazy and passive way of perceive. Only leaving the nest of the framed vision, I can learn how to fly out of it.

Is this not a metaphor for the human being?