“The dance of the receptors #6”
Lisbon, Portugal 2023
Goethe Institute
Invited by Galeria Ana Lama (Margarida Chambel, Nuno Oliveira)
Duration: 29 minutes
Photographs by Monika Deimling


Invited by Galeria Ana Lama (Margarida Chambel and Nuno Oliveira) to the project “Fake Extreme Art” the performance was presented at the Goethe Institute in Lisbon, Portugal. The performance art project deals with the idea of fake or illusion in connection of what we understand as reality. The research is made through performance art practice. Artists like Lorena Izquierdo, Franzisca Siegrist, Kamil Guenatri, Helge Meyer and many others were part of this series of performances in previous editions.
The performance was presented in the auditorium of the Goethe Institue in Lisbon, a multifunctional space. For the performance the space was emptied. Chairs and tables were removed – just the plants were left – so that the audience could sit freely on the floor. The light was on purpose dimmed to create a certain atmosphere.

The performance “Realidade” was filmed by Thomas Behrens with a 360 degrees video camera.

Description of actions:
A collage of performance images and sounds is created by executing the following actions with selected material.

– Laying on the back with a big monstera plant on the belly; While pushing the body with both legs through the space creating wave sounds.
– Pouring alll the water from a carafe into a glass. [The water runs over, the tablecloth gets wet and the water drips onto the floor.]
– Rubbing the eyes with organge paint.
– Throwing many white sheets of paper around with “Realidade” written on it.
– Carrying the table on my back and holding a white plate with two forks.
– Making out of a stick, string and two plates a scale; Placing sheets of the white papers lying on the ground on one plate and letting a stone fall on the other plate. [The plate crushes and the scale construction collapeses.]
– Creating a big ear by glueing yellow painted cardboard on one end of a stick.
– Swinging the ear over the heads of the audience. [The wind generated is clearly tangible.]
– Throwing several ping-pong balls onto a drum while holding a blue cross as a shield. [The ping-pong balls bounce everywhere around the space.]
– Placing a frame in front of my shirt; Unbutton the shirt and painting the appearing naked chest with blue and white paint. [The illusion of a window with a blue sky appears.]
– Lighting wood-wool laying on a white plate.
– Taking a doll’s dress out of a glass bowl with water and presenting it to the audience. [While holding the wet dress up, the sound of the drops falling back into the bowl is hearable.] Repeating the action several times.
– Leaving slowly the space while holding the still dripping dress.