Wszystko będzie dobrze

(Everything is going to be alright) “The dance of the receptors #5”
Bydgoszcz, Poland 2022
Młyny Rothera
Invited by Fundacija Czarny Karzeł, Grzegorz Pleszynski
Duration: 24 minutes
Photographs by Monika Deimling

The historical landmark Młyny Rothera in the heart of Bydgoszcz in Poland is a characteristic brick building. Surrounded by the Brda River, it is located on an island in the heart of the city. After years of renovation, the building was reopened with exhibitions and performances. The artistic selection was the responsibility of the Art Foundation “Czarny Karzeł”, which also organizes the art festival “Oko nigdy nie spie” in Bydgoszcz.

The performance took place outside Młyny Rothera on the wooden terrace. In addition to my performance, a performance by the Polish artist Julia Kurek was also presented as part of the opening event.

Description of actions:
A collage of performance images and sounds is created by executing the following actions with selected material.

– Entering the action field with branches to which orange letters are attached; showing a hand-painted white to the audience.
– Painting the head and face white.
– Shaking the branches, increasing the action of shaking from gentle to strong. [The letters rattle and fall to the floor one by one.]
– Sitting down at the table and lighting wood wool on a white plate; Sliding slowly on the chair to the floor and sitting down again. [The action is repeated a few times while the flames on the plate move in the wind.]
– Climbing onto the table and moving the chair to the other side of the table, which is attached by ropes to a puppet cross.
– Repeating the actions from the first position at the table.
– Tying yellow flowers in front of the face.
– Collecting the orange letters and putting them in the gaps of the wooden floor.
– Tying a wooden frame on the shirt; cutting along the frame at the top and bottom of the shirt; finally unbuttoning the shirt.
– Using blue and white paint, painting a sky on the bare visible part inside the frame.
Remove the flowers from the face and pin them to the bottom of the frame.
– Light two smoke torches placed under the table in two blue children’s boots. [White and red smoke will rise.]
– Place the chair on the table and sit on it. With a violin bow, slowly stroke my face, spreading yellow paint. [The smoke flies in all directions.]
– Removing the letters “b-ę-d-z-i-e”. [The meaning of the sentence changes from “everything will be fine” to “everything is fine”.]
– Taking the doll dress, leaving the scene, and waving it to the audience.

“Two “normal” people”. After the performance with Grzegorz Pleszynski.

After the performance with Ola Kozioł.